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Recommendations from the “private sector” to deal with the rising cost of living The “private sector” makes reference to the struggle to deal with the rising expense of living. Note: Private sector opinions and suggestions from various provinces If there is an issue with energy prices, product pricing, or living expenses, these will all significantly […]

Recommendations from the “private sector” to deal with the rising cost of living

The “private sector” makes reference to the struggle to deal with the rising expense of living.

Note: Private sector opinions and suggestions from various provinces If there is an issue with energy prices, product pricing, or living expenses, these will all significantly rise. What steps should the government take?

Suwattanapongchet Hassadin

Northeastern Region Secretary-General of the Federation of Thai Industries

from the state of the oil market and different consumer goods They are now assembling a parade to hike prices simultaneously. This led to a glaring bias in the government’s economic situation. This is thought to be a number of things. particularly outside factors The Thai government is not allowed to take over. And some of it is a result of issues with the government itself. There is no specific strategy for resolving issues. The situation with Thai oil funds is currently generally bad. The corporate sector is anticipating the government’s response to the issue. However, the government still established a committee to investigate numerous issues. There are a variety of steps with numerous workouts. It would already be too late by the time I could take action. Currently, the private sector is worried that the government needs to be more transparent. decisive and quick to solve problems in order to inspire trust in investors He still lacks the courage to make any investments because today, even foreign businessmen come to the EEC Special Economic Zone. because I’m uncertain about how we will address the economic crisis by investing. In actuality, the Thai baht will now lose value. decent for export The cost of Thai agricultural products is reasonable. But the oil we purchase is equally pricey. from the decline in the value of our baht

Therefore, the Northeastern Industrial Council would like to suggest that the government decide to borrow money immediately in order to remedy this economic crisis. However, before borrowing money, I would prefer to have a strategy for how to spend it. For instance, I might use some of the funds to partially offset the oil fund’s generally poor performance. or cash that will be invested in government initiatives to boost the economy Because choices for decisions without money will be limited. There are more possibilities than when making a choice with cash in hand. However, the administration is currently afraid to take any actions. for fear of only damaging the political base Despite the fact that he was already already under a curse. not much to lose Fight swiftly and decide to take a decisive action is best.

I would want to propose that if you need to borrow money, it is preferable to do so domestically rather than abroad. because the country’s interest rate is lower and there are no other overseas liabilities. There is a lot of money in the nation right now. because financial organisations like banks don’t lend too often The bank still has a large amount of money. Currently, the local interest rate in RT. is around 50 satang, but the interest rate abroad is above 2 baht, which is significantly different. therefore appropriate for borrowing money in the nation However, prior to borrowing money, it must be made clear to the public how the money will be utilised. He recognises that it is not a long-term solution when it is distributed to the general people as in the past. and did not create new goods will significantly aid in boosting the economy. Money is all the same.

Therefore, there needs to be a strategy to effectively and sustainably boost the economy. and will now need to make a decision It probably won’t be in time if it moves more slowly than this. because time is expensive If you decide today, late The same issue will be resolved the following day. There will undoubtedly be a significant increase in the amount of money needed.

Immediately Thanyawatanakul,

Head of the Group 1 EEC Chamber of Commerce (Chachoengsao, Chonburi, Rayong)

Solving the issue of expensive gas and oil is challenging. Unless the administration takes immediate action At the moment, inflation is seen as high. reduced purchasing power due to the effects of transportation when oil prices are high. Costs kept going up for everything. I thus want the government to engage in negotiations with the nation’s oil traders. willing to slash his own flesh in an oil refinery or Accept the loss of profit because it has historically been very high, to put it simply. Are you able to help the country? so that everyone can live Everyone is seen as an honest customer. It will pay off no matter how much the price of oil rises. Never exploit loyal clients when you have them. Why then do oil dealers and refineries not like the populace?

traders who want to fix that In order to keep the price within a fair range during this time, the refinery agreed to lower it. and may be everywhere. may take action every two to three months to lower the price of oil. then evaluate the circumstance. The country’s condition, as well as the lives of its citizens and enterprises, may not change for three to four years. The oil price will progressively change as conditions improve.

I don’t want the cost of oil to climb so the villages are unable to survive. Businesses suffer harm. All around the nation, people lose their employment. culminating in the nation’s predicament, theft happened Everyone won’t be able to coexist when the nation reaches that point. I therefore want refineries and traders of oil to think about themselves. willing to temporarily forgo earnings in the interests of the country

If you research Chinese history, you will discover that during times of calamity, the government occasionally still has to order citizens to consume no more than one bowl of rice. if you want to live All restrictions are relaxed when the situation improves, as it has today. Anyone with eyes can do so. able to defend one’s life

Oil traders and refineries must support the populace in order to address the issue of the rising oil and gas crises. every person lives when the country does. Accept that there is a comprehensive energy impact from the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Energy reserves are being built up by all nations. mostly because he had no idea how long the fight would last All parties must turn to help as the collective Thai people when we can no longer place our expectations in other nations.

The poor must be helped by the rich. The price of oil should be lowered, especially by oil dealers and refineries. once everyone is alive. The oil shortage has subsided. Let’s discuss our plan of action. if still permitting the price of oil to increase Everyone has passed away. So how will the country endure?

It’s Thanawat Poonsilp.

The Songkhla Chamber of Commerce’s president

The cost of numerous goods increased as a result of the rising cost of petroleum. The rise in transportation costs, business sectors, and industrial operators make this conceivable. They all decided to accept the current state of the issue. because the government oversees its administration in the region of Songkhla Province. The administration had earlier asked for the city to be opened. Unlock different controls to permit unrestricted travel for visitors from Singapore and Malaysia. Now that the city is opened, the commercial sector, economy, and tourism sector can advance. Even if the cost rises together with the product price, commerce still grows in line with the cost. However, if the economy I observe that everything can be driven in accordance with the circumstances as tourism develops. Operators must adjust to the circumstances.

The private sector will attempt everything. Must agree to the terms on their own, cut expenses, and look for ways to cut their own expenses. A gathering of the Private Sector Joint Committee’s 19 organisations will take place in Songkhla Province on July 7. to understand the impact of the entrepreneurial environment, including SMEs, industry, tourism, the automotive and real estate industries, modern trade, and retail. with comments made to the government and rules for each entrepreneur’s problem-solving in order to collectively identify a solution to the issue

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